On 2 fronts.

Tonight, our Lifegroup watched “Passion of the Christ”.  If you’re a Christian and haven’t seen this, I urge you to.  This week it is especially poignant.  Tonight was my second time and it was no less impactful than the first.  In fact, as my relationship with Christ has grown I think it was more painful to watch this time.

Tomorrow, our marriage has survived 15-17 years, give or take a couple.  We married on St. Patrick’s Day in Steamboat Springs, CO on a family ski trip.   I cannot, under any circumstance, ever remember the year.  So, I am wishing my precious husband a happy 25th ANNIVERSARY.  He’ll agree it’s been a LONG time and we’ve had some roller coaster times.   You probably can’t imagine that I’m not always sweet and lovable – but so little is left to Keith’s imagination, I feel blessed every day that he loves me, multiple personalities and all!    I’m one lucky woman.  MrD…I LOVE YOU TOO.



2 responses to “Passion

  1. Happy Anniversary! 15 or 17, it’s a great thing to stay married that long!

  2. Happy Anniversary, toots! Hope you enjoyed it. What an accomplishment!

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