39 LONG Days

I had my last on February 13. I’ve quit before. I’ve failed before. This time, I did not have one sip, slurp or even sniff of Diet Coke for the last 39 days. Lent ends today, as did my cola famine. My son awarded me with a 32 oz icy diet coke after church this morning. It is now just after 8:00 pm and I finally finished it. It wasn’t like I was pacing myself, it just didn’t have the pizazz I had built up in my head. The taste wasn’t earth shattering. The buzz missed the mark.

What is exciting is that I did my part. I kept my promise. I did not cheat God. Such a small sacrifice for me to make – but one that caused me to think GOD and thank GOD at regular intervals for the last 39 days. It makes me think that if I can do small things for Him, perhaps I can truly do bigger things.

After Bob’s message at church this morning, I’m inspired and motivated to be part of the cause and help build our community. It’s ironic to me, because I don’t even want to be here. This is not my home. These people are not my tribe. God knows my heart is in Oklahoma, yet He’s charted this 487 day/530 mile detour for a purpose.

I’ll continue to pray boldly – but in the meantime, I’m pumped to make a difference.  Here where I am planted.  Here where God intends me to be.   Here in faith and with joy.

Trading diet coke for God gives these jingles new meaning:

  • 1959 – Be really refreshed.
  • 1963 – Things go better with ___
  • 1969 – It’s the real thing
  • 1975 – Look Up America.
  • 1976 – ____ adds life.
  • 1979 – Have a _____ and a smile
  • 1982 – ___ is it!
  • 1985 – America’s Real Choice
  • 1986 – Red White & You
  • 1986 – Catch the Wave
  • 1987 – You Can’t Beat the Feeling
  • 1989 – Can’t beat the real thing
  • 1993 – Always_____!
  • 2000 – Enjoy!
  • 2001 – Life tastes Good.
  • 2003 – Real.
  • 2005 – Make It Real.
  • 2006 – The ____ Side of Life.
  • 2007 – Give a Little Love and it All Comes Back to You.



One response to “39 LONG Days

  1. Congratulations! on honoring your promise to God and in seeing the gift that He gave you.

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