My Secret Life

I haven’t watched “Secret Life of a Soccer Mom” (Stay-at-home mom (Tracey Gold) is given a chance to go back in time and discover what her life would have been had she not given up her dream career.) – because I’ve lived it in reverse. My lifelong dream was to be a stay-at-home mom – and I graduated to that following a fast-paced, prestigious career with currently #6 globally ranked Fortune “Most Admired Company”.

It might be an interesting twist to take one of these high flying moms and give her a sabbatical at home raising her kids, cooking dinner and keeping her house. A “vacation”. LOL. What WAS I thinking? I’m kidding. There are claims on both sides of the issue and I relate to both. Working and raising a family is hard. Not working and raising a family is hard. There, you have it.

Still, if there was one thing you could do. Anything in the world. Without risk to your present life or body parts, what would it be? Would you live in the White House? Rock out on tour? Be an Olympic downhill skier? Swim with alligators?

There are lots of things I’d love to try, but my secret desire would be a writing/acting gig on Saturday Night Live. What a hoot to unleash all my pent-up, politically incorrect, sarcastic sense of humor with the cream of the crop!! I laugh out loud just typing that.

It should be more like Trading Spaces. Amy Poehler can come homeschool and mop for a couple of weeks at the Unscripted household – and I’ll go Scripted in Rockefeller Center!!

How about you? What would your secret life be?


2 responses to “My Secret Life

  1. My secret life would involve living on a large boat and traveling (with my family) all over the world.

  2. I’ve lived my secret life too, alone in a cabin on the prairie, writing all day. I often miss it. Someday, if I survive to the adulthood of my youngest son, I’ll have it back. I’m afraid it will be different: twice as delicious, but melancholy, too.

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