American Girl Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Lexi’s 10th birthday with a tea party. The girls came dressed as their favorite “American Girl” doll. Not all the girls know each other, so we used conversation starters to get warmed up. They got to share what kind of new toothpaste flavor they would invent, who is their favorite person in history, if they would choose to give up pizza or chocolate – lots of interesting questions and answers. They played American Girl bingo and several other games before eating cake and the fruit bouquet.

Lexi and “Emily”

Strawberry cake and a fruit bouquet (all made by mom).

We played “Conversation Starters” to get acquainted.

The American Girls

Playing American Girl Bingo
courtesy Executive Homemaker

Each girl took her teacup and saucer home along with her framed picture and a few bangles! It was a fun day.


4 responses to “American Girl Birthday

  1. I would have loved to witness the interaction between these girls that don’t know each other….. I’m sure you orchestrated a “smokin'” B-day party. Go You!

  2. I wish I could have been their it looks like you had alot of fun you and Kali were the cutest ones. I hope you have fun with Kali and Braden love ya and miss ya

  3. Too cute. What a great idea!

  4. Angela, MotherCrone

    IT looks like an amazing party! The girls looks so darling with their dolls! Happy Birthday!

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