Braden pesters the kitten.

His mom wants him to stop.

She’s given him several warnings.

I am in the bedroom putting on shoes when Braden pops in the door.

I whisper “You better stop or your mom’s going to kick your butt”.

Without hesitation, he pipes up “We don’t KICK”.

Me – “Well, what about a spanking?” (Nana hates spanking)

Braden, pointing his finger says – “WE DON’T SPANK”.

Me – “Ok, then she might swat your tail”.

Shaking his head confidently, he says “We don’t swat”. (Nana is hiding her happy face!)

Me – “Ok, well, you’re gonna make her really mad”

Braden with his face all serious and raised eyebrows says “Mmmmmm, I don’t wanna do THAT. THAT’S DANGEROUS!!

Nana laughed and laughed. Bad Nana.


3 responses to “Danger!!

  1. Ah, like mother, like daughter. A non spanker!!! Brings back fond memories of your vicious side a few years ago.


  2. He is so cute, I can just see the look on his face while he is telling you that. He is getting so big so fast. Tell everyone I said HI,

  3. Children are just so funny sometimes, the things that they come out with. I have a 6 year old who keeps me constantly amused with her ‘mother – daughter’ conversations – you just have to laugh X

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