This and That

It was hard to post my “Wordless Wednesday” pictures with no words.  But saying goodbye to my grandbabies was best done wordless.  I’m one whose tear ducts are connected to my vocal cords.  As long as I don’t say anything I don’t drown.   They’re safely back in Oklahoma and Friday my oldest is flying to visit for the weekend.  Getting to have 3 days with her and Kelsey is going to be awesome!

I was sad Christy Lee left on American Idol.  It’s always hard to watch after we’ve all bonded and gotten to be BFFs and all.  Wordless Wednesday lasts until at least 9:05 central time – for the next six weeks anyway.

Lexi played her first softball practice game with the Black Widows today.  She’s on third.  The wind came sweeping down the plain and for a moment I thought I was back home.

Tomorrow we are going to The City Museum in St. Louis.  We’re taking a family mental day and just hanging out.  From the looks of that museum, we may truly be hanging.

I must really be getting old, because I cannot watch Bill O’Reilly anymore.  Or Sean Hannity.  I considered myself a Fox news analyst on the home front – and can’t get to the first commercial break anymore.

Currently Reading:  Jodi Picoult’s “A Change of Heart”.


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