In 32 minutes I am supposed to be in the dentist’s chair to start a root canal.  I’ve been up a while, had coffee and read my e-mail.  I’m wondering how long I can avoid taking the first step to prepare to be numbed, sawed on, yanked and looking like a puffer fish.  Now I have 29 minutes and still haven’t showered or brushed my teeth, but I’m wondering if I have time to run out and fill my bird feeder.

Do you ever procrastinate?  One of my most vivid memories was when my grandmother was dying and I was called to Texas.  Somehow I made a 3.5 hour car trip into a day’s journey.  There are so many stops along the highway and every walnut bowl or Indian artifact beckoned me to check it out.

Typically I jump into things with both feet – but somehow I’ve inherited this stubborn streak that actually thinks my behavior can delay the inevitable outcome of something unpleasant.

I have 25 minutes and a 10 minute drive.  Later friends.


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