Connecting, Part III

Yesterday I shared some of the groundwork that led to my March post Reconnecting the Dots.   Sleuth that I am, I’ve tracked down:

  • Paige – a friend from San Antonio who has been seriously ill
  • Toki – a friend from Salt Lake City who lost her husband in 2005. We shared a duplex in 1993 when her kids were pre-school. Now they are lovely young adults!
  • Scheu – 2nd cousins on my mom’s side. Found my mom’s aunt adopted a son that I never knew about. We’ve exchanged messages on MySpace.
  • Stephanie – I knew she’d end up in Razorback territory. Keith and I worked with her husband. After locating Scott, Stephanie and I have shared pictures and email.

To make myself feel more grounded in my world, here is what’s I’ve been doing:

  • Participate in weekly Bible Study. Sarah and Tonya are two very encouraging friends I love being with.
  • Coffee and “girlfriend time” with Laddie – we share a lot in common and get kicked out of Border’s at closing time every week.
  • Church – weekly worship service and Lifegroup. This has been our anchor and a humbling opportunity to get our spiritual selves shaped up. Bob and Martha seem to be normal people, but they’re not. They radiate passion for the Lord that is contagious. Jeff and Lisa, our Lifegroup leaders, inspire us to work harder on our marriage and relationships. Our connections here are absolutely Heaven sent.
  • Vivien, Shelly, Nicole, Pam, Kyla – my homeschool mom friends who meet for skating, coffee, field trips.

It’s obvious to me how God is working in my life. I realize that “happiness” isn’t a guarantee, but I’m blessed in many ways I’ve failed to recognize. I’m amazed at at the contentment I find in friendships. The dots continue to be connected in the most amazing ways.


One response to “Connecting, Part III

  1. This is all so positive. Sometimes we all need to stop focusing on what we don’t have to learn to enjoy the blessings around us. Good for yoU!

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