Wheels in Motion

We met with a team of Realtors yesterday to get our house on the market. I’ve spent the last week getting closets organized, excess “stuff” packed up or sent to Goodwill and everything clean. My house looks pretty clean most of the time, but it’s different when buyers are inspecting a home they might buy. Now that everything is in it’s place, it is a matter of keeping it that way. Keith is leaving for Oklahoma on Sunday, so I’m looking forward to a cooking holiday. The average house in our area is on the market a little over 100 days – but I’m hoping, praying, trusting it won’t be that long.

We have 2 weeks of school left, so the kids are getting excited about finishing. They each have a checklist of things they are responsible for when our house shows. I get tickled watching them take their jobs so seriously. Shower curtain closed – CHECK, Closet door closed – CHECK.  Nicholas has a “guitar corner” in his bedroom and wants to ensure it is pointed out to prospective buyers. When we move it will just be a corner, but the new homeowner will surely need some decorating ideas. Lexi has submitted the housing order from the ‘hood, who want it in our contract that a young girl between the age of 10 and 14 moves into our house.

I’ve been house “shopping” on the internet – and have a few ideas to help sell homes:

  • Have well-lit photos of your entire home available – not just a curb shot. The more, the better.
  • In said photos, shut the lid to the toilet, make the bed, pick up the toys.
  • Show me your laundry room – even if it is just a closet.
  • Publish the room sizes.
  • Share neighborhood features (club, pool, gated, etc)
  • Decorating – if you’ve sponge painted your kitchen in eggplant purple and lemon yellow, understand that instantly blinds some prospective buyers.

I’m sure there are other thoughts that have crossed my mind the last few days. I’m anxious to start looking for real!


One response to “Wheels in Motion

  1. I hope it only takes about a week to sell, And then you can come home for good… Lane is ready for some puppy chow lol, Miss ya

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