Some Mores

There is nothing better than melted marshmallow warming a chocolate bar between 2 layers of crisp graham crackers. Here is our recipe for happiness:

Step One – Build a fire. This is a small flame by my hubby’s standards.

Left to him our little outdoor fireplace would harbor a raging inferno. There are no outer bounds to his love for fire. He’s been known to have flames shooting out the top of our chiminea until yours truly discretely screeches “FIRE!!!”. When the smoke alarms start sounding. From the neighbor’s house. Across the street. We’ve even had strangers frantically ring our doorbell to warn us – I’m so not kidding.

Ok, back to this delicious treat.

Step Two – It’s critical that you hold your marshmallow in the fire JUST until the middle gets ooey gooey soft. Too long and it either falls off the stick OR turns a beautiful crunch of crusty black charcoal. I happen to like igniting my marshmallow and blowing it out just before the blackness occurs. You have to be a cautious cook to get it exact. Then you mash it between 2 graham crackers with 1/2 of a chocolate bar between.

It is no fun to be excluded from fun things like fire and flaming marshmallows.  And a good thing pointy spears go unnoticed.

It’s even less fun waiting to see if my bite is cool enough for me. Notice how Lexi instinctively has her corralled.

Step 3 – EAT

Reason #4687 that moving home to Oklahoma is so important to me.


One response to “Some Mores

  1. They sound so yummy!!!
    Love the photos, they are so sweet!!
    love and hugs, Tabitha XX

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