Tonight was Lexi’s piano recital, the grand finale to all our activities in Illinois. Tomorrow all of our belongings are being loaded into 2 big trucks for the trek to Oklahoma. Everything is going into storage for the time being. We close on this house June 20 and haven’t purchased another one yet. I am surrounded by boxes, all taped and labeled. My laundry is done, cabinets are empty and bathrooms are clean.

Any time I have to say goodbye, I cry. Any time anyone ever has to say goodbye, for any reason, I cry. I am excited beyond words to be going home, but I’ve made some really sweet friends here. Vivien, Laddy, Martha, Lisa and Sarah are a few I’m really going to miss. I will cry….and smile.


4 responses to “Endings

  1. I always cry at goodbyes too!!
    I am so pleased that you are going home to where you want to be, but I am sad for you having to leave your friends!!
    Sending you hugs ~ Tabitha XX

  2. Aww, it must be bittersweet. Where will you be staying? Hope the move goes smoothly.

  3. I’m so excited for you guys, but sad to see you go. Good luck in the house hunt!

  4. crying and smiling can be a strange experience. i am sad and excited for you at the same time!

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