We left for Illinois on Wednesday to tie up the last loose ends of our move on that end.   It was interesting to pack the truck with patio furniture, bicycles, Keith’s motorcycle, the lawnmower and anything else that wouldn’t fit in a box.  Thursday morning Lexi and I had coffee with Vivien (Justine and Aiden) and Kyla, then ran errands while Keith wrestled our belongings into the truck.  Thursday evening we had dinner with our friends Jeff & Lisa and Gary & Laddie.   Friday morning we hugged Maria goodbye – she and Jack loved our cats and cared for our home while we were away.  It saddens me that we did too little, too late with our friendships.

We closed on our house and started the trek home.  Max and Sophie (the cats) quieted quickly and slept most of the way.  I stopped at Kaci’s to leave the cats and Lexi for a couple of days.   We close on our home in Oklahoma on Wednesday.   Moving in is one of my favorite things – I love to organize and make it “ours”.  Knowing this is my absolute last move, I plan to have nothing in storage other than holiday decorations.  If I can’t use it, I am getting rid of it.

Being without internet for the last couple of days sort of broke my “habit” – so today I went through and unsubbed from a lot of mail sites and blogs I read.  I am going to limit my online time and put more focus on my real life.  I’m debating whether to continue blogging.

I also have a new author – Katrina Kittle.  I read her book “Kindness of Strangers” during our trip and have to say WOW.  The subject was troubling but I was riveted.  If I could have read while driving I would have.  I am seeking out her other books.


5 responses to “Journey

  1. My friend does books on tape or whatever. That’s how she ‘reads’ while she’s otherwise occupied. I hope you don’t become a stranger and not stay in touch with ME.

  2. It’s interesting because I came to your site today to SPECIFICALLY look for a good new book to pick up. I knew you’d have a suggestion or list somewhere on the page! LOL I just finished Jodi Picoult’s newest, A Change of Heart. It’s a VERY interesting read. I couldn’t put it down. I’m going to pick up the book you suggested, or at least one by her. I’m calling the library now.

  3. If you move off the internet, be sure to say good-bye. I’ll miss you.

  4. Good luck with the move ~ hope you are still going to carry on blogging ~ I would miss you too!!
    Hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

  5. no blogging? isn’t that un-American?

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