What’s better than a Garage Sale?

Everyone in the civilized world probably already knows this, but I just found CraigsList.  For year’s I’ve used eBay and thought that was the neatest thing since sliced bread.  But Craigslist is bread. With butter.  Warm, homemade bread.  Yummm!  And for the honey – NO SHIPPING OR FEES!!!

When we bought the house, there were several light fixtures that weren’t my decorating style.  My style is bohemian country with a touch of shabby eclectic.  (HA, figure that out!).

They were pretty.

But not “me”.  Someone suggested “Craigslist”, so I advertised them there…for FREE!! (that’s homemade bread part!) and sold them for enough to replace them with ceiling fans I just adore (that’s the warm, delicious bread part!).

I’ve been shopping for a desk/bookshelf set for our study, and priced them at Office Depot.  Guess what?  Craigslist!  I have bought, sold, bartered and given away on Craigslist.  Craig, thank you for your list!


2 responses to “What’s better than a Garage Sale?

  1. i’ve used craigslist to buy a couple things and had terrific experiences; just beware of scams…

  2. I use ebay alot, but have never heard of craigslist ~sounds great though!!
    I love your new ceiling fans XXX

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