Book Drive

Every year, our family takes on a community project.  Depending on our circumstance it has ranged from ShoeBox Christmas to dog rescue.  We’ve spent Saturdays at the Food Bank and we’ve rounded up clothes for families in need.

This year, we are repeating a project we did several years ago – we’re gathering books for our local children’s shelter.   All year long we will collect books and each October and April we’ll have a used book drive to raise awareness.  Some of the books will stay on the shelter bookshelves, and some books will be claimed by the children passing through.  We’ll deliver on an as-needed basis (we need room or they’re out of books!).

If you have very gently used reading books – for all ages – please consider donating to our shelter book drive.  For a lot of kids, these books are gifts and prized possessions – so we ask that you carefully consider the book condition and content.  Check your shelves – I’ll bet there are some lonely books waiting for a child to love them!   Feel free to email me if you would like to mail or deliver books….or look up your local shelter and make arrangements to donate them.
In my son’s keepsake box is a book he received during his time in foster care.  It is one of only two items that represent the first 9 months of his life.  A book may not be a lot – but sometimes it’s everything.
Be a blessing…Kim

One response to “Book Drive

  1. Hi Kim,
    If you wish, we will be happy to send you a copy of Planet Of The Dogs and Castle In The Mist (the second book in the Planet of the Dogs series).
    We hope you and your children will read them and then pass them on to the children’s shelter. We hope, also, that you will write your comments about our books on Uncommon Mom.

    For more information, please visit and

    If you would like to have the books, please send us your postal address to our email:
    Best wishes,
    Robert McCarty
    Barking Planet Productions

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