Happy Birthday

My older, bigger, sweetest sister, Michele, or Chele as we call her, or Aunt Shelf as Nicholas labeled her,  had a birthday this weekend and her granddaughter wanted to make a cake for her.  So we whipped up a chocolate sheet cake and they proceeded to decorate.  I demonstrated how to scallop the piping down the edge, then Kenzie took a turn.

Next, for the Happy Birthday greeting:

Lexi took a turn:

and after yours truly noted the NUMBER, Kali added some beautiful sprinkles.

Ta Da!  Happy Birthday Sister, Grandma, Aunt and Friend!

Then the girls cleaned up.

Happy Birthday Sis!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. Man your house is just CRAWLING with little ones this week! Lexi has grown so much over the summer..she looks so much more mature these days!!!

    I’m so not ready for what lies ahead.

  2. The cake was wonderful! Thank you!

  3. P>S> Older,Bigger??

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