Guard Cat

Since moving into our new home, I’ve kept the door closed to my bedroom. Max got sick last year, and since has made our bed his personal headquarters.  Other than his shedding, he was a good roommate.  I can’t stand cat hair on my tongue, so he’s had to find a new hangout.  Usually right inside the entertainment center, ignoring me.

Last week, Max woke me up in the middle of the night.  Loudly meowing at our door.  It is unlike him to make a fuss, usually only when his food bowl is empty.  I got up and he ran toward the kitchen.  Stumbling along in the dark, I reached for the switch when I saw a dart of activity in the moonlight.  With the light on, I could see a neighborhood cat was in our house.  We decided he must have slipped in through the doggie doors and he quickly exited when Keith shooed him back out.

Wednesday night, Max again started meowing loudly and pawing the door.  I noted it was 2:07am as I got up and started peering around corners to find the community cat affectionately labeled “Porch Kitty”.   He was nowhere to be seen, but Max continued to be agitated as I talked to him.  I turned on the porch light and looked outside but saw nothing.  Finally I laid down on the couch and Max settled on the footstool beside me.  He remained very alert and nervous, but he stopped pacing and meowing.

The next morning my neighbor stopped by to tell me her car and a couple of others in the cul de sac across the road has been burglarized around 2:00am.   I looked at directly at Max, but he ignored me.

I won’t be ignoring him anymore!  I recently read a book “Two Truths and a Lie” by Katrina Kittle and discounted animals really communicating with people.  That came to mind as I was talking to Max and trying to figure out what was wrong.  Max clearly knew something was wrong and he was focused on making sure I knew.  Thank you Max!

By the way, you should also be very afraid of our ferocious guard dog.


2 responses to “Guard Cat

  1. HaHa..good thing your cat is so intuitive seeing as how your ferocious dog looks a

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