Last year, we decided to have a family prayer at dinner.  I’m of the opinion that prayer should be an ongoing dialog and not saved up for designated times, but it helped us learn to pray together and get more comfortable praying out loud.  Initially none of us wanted to start the prayer or pray when we had guests.  We’ve moved past that.

We added a devotion before meals that Keith reads to the kids.  It’s a nice jumping off point to discuss moral issues as a family.  Now, even the grandkids and grandnieces (is that a word?) expect to participate!

Ignore those boxes!  I was organizing my sewing supplies.  I am officially finished unpacking.  My wall will be sheetrocked next week and I can finish our study just in time to start school on the 25th.  Nice to feel almost DONE!


2 responses to “Amen

  1. I don’t like praying out loud, either! We always let Laken say the prayer. :X I should work on that.

    LOVE the color of the kitchen.

  2. I love this picture. I haven’t had much time to enjoy your blog lately and I almost missed out on the precious picture of our grandson with his hands folded in prayer..Thanks for sharing!!

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