The Athlete in Me

I have no athletic ability.  None.  I did beat Keith at HORSE once.  I have that listed on my resume.  This week, I feel really capable though.  I can totally do that mermaid kick.  I have no doubt I would stick my landings.  Let me just TRY to spike that volleyball!  I mentally catapult myself into numerous twists and turns, and those uneven bars are my specialty.  I can feel the breeze in my hair as I twirl around and around.

In reality, I’m staying up too late.  My shoulder aches as I do my air swim routine that surely propels Michael Phelps to a new world record.   I have a hernia from reaching for the wall to help Dara make up that 7/100000 of a second.   I averted a concussion barely dodging the ceiling fan as I jumped on the bed that last leg in the men’s relay.   My husband is ready to punch me for waking him up to watch reruns of the Jamaican runner-  who was finished before I could blink.  Some of these athletes are already looking forward to London.  I’m thinking I might need up my training program so I’m better prepared for 2012.


One response to “The Athlete in Me

  1. You forgot to mention your Michael Jordan talents!! I remember playing basketball in the driveway and getting grounded because you fell down and skinned your knee … ROFLMAO!!!

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