We start school on Monday, and my goal is to have our study completely finished by then. “Finished” may be inaccurate – and I may have to settle for “usable”. We’ve pulled down wallpaper, primed, painted and sewed. Our contractor put in an insulated wall and french doors. I am going to spend the weekend painting the study walls, but I will not have it completely done. As of tonight, this is where we are:

BEFORE – Entry

After – entry

wallpaper gone, painted yellow to match living room, new valances:

The front room of our home was intended to be a formal dining room.  Changing it to a study was my intent when we bought the house.  While I love the openness of all the rooms flowing together, I wanted a quiet place we could use to study and practice music.  I wanted to be able to close the door to work in progress rather than feel I need to constantly put away.  In addition, the living room , while large, has limited wall space – there are openings, fireplaces, windows, doors or bookshelves on all but one wall.   Closing this wall gives me a nice corner.

Before – Wall

a banister wall separated the living room from what is now our study:

The banister was removed and the wall was framed by Wayne:

Then insulation was added between each of the studs – to help as a sound barrier.

The sheetrock was put on and while waiting for the mud to dry, the doors were installed.  I chose solid wood rather than glass paned doors.  Again, I want the option to open the room – or close it entirely.

Here is the outside of the wall – mostly finished.  The doors still need to be stained.

I need to play with the furniture to see how it will better fit in our new space.  The interior of the study is primed and the valance is made from this fabric:

I thought those little monkeys were entirely appropriate, yet subtle enough to still blend with the color scheme of the rest of my house.   This weekend will be spent finishing the inside of the study, setting up our bookshelves and preparing to start school!!


2 responses to “Transformations

  1. Can’t wait to read about your school adventures!!! 🙂

    The yellow is gorgeous and really brightens up the room. I loved the interesting look of that open wall, but I understand it wasn’t what you needed. What you have done is amazing!

  2. Wow Kim!!! it’s beautiful! Can you describe the ceiling? It looks like a wood ceiling, is it? Now you definetely have to come to NY!

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