Study Time

We worked hard to finish and still have some odds and ends to get done, but we are ready to start school tomorrow.  Come on in!

The doors and trim need to be stained, polyurethane applied and the pulls put on, but they open and close nicely!

Just inside the doors is our computer center.  I found this desk and cabinet on Craig’s List.  The drawers store supplies and the printer is inside the double doors.    There is a neat sepia colored map of the world that I want to hang on that wall.

This is the main work area.  The table, chairs and bench were purchased several years ago when we had 2 dining areas.  There’s plenty of room to spread out or work together.  As you can see, this room houses my 50 year old Wizard of Oz collection and Lexi’s piano.  The wallpaper at the bottom blended with the paint I chose, so I’m leaving it for now.  Eventually I am going to do something with the pomegranite color of the curtain.  It’s more rusty than red, so I’m going slow.

Off to the side is a little hallway that connects this room to the kitchen.  It’s nice not to have to walk all the way around to access the study.  I used our old television cabinet to make a library wall.  Remember this?

One is on each end.  Centered in the middle is a bookcase I bought at a garage sale.  I like the doors at the bottom and have extra supplies stored inside.

Now, you’ve made a full circle around the room!  I am painting a chalkboard on the wall behind the door – mostly for the kids to play with.

These are the totes I bought last year to store the kids daily papers and notebooks.  I had a rolling cart that wasn’t being used elsewhere, so I took the wheels off and it fit snugly under the table.  The kids can access their books easily from either side of the table.

This is the before/after of the ceiling.  There is an octagon shaped recess that is lined with wood.  Originally it had wallpaper, a beveled mirror and chandelier.  We made it much plainer, removing all the sparkle and putting up a simple ceiling fan.

Here’s an overall of the room before and after:


3 responses to “Study Time

  1. You’ve really done a lot with that room. It looks much more modern and more…YOU. Good luck with school today!

  2. I love it, I like the monkey balance, I like the entry way to, what room is next lol

  3. Awesome job! I want that classroom!

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