Thursday Thoughts

I fussed at the kids for scattering those pipe cleaners everywhere.  I usually find them wrapped around pencils, but lately I’ve found them on the floor in the living room.  The kids must have quietly blamed each other until we noticed:

Meet Max, the kinesthetic cat.

I also wanted to share our school whiteboard.  I used extra scrapbook stickers and made Sharpie divider lines to list the kid’s daily assignments.  They cross off each subject with a dry-erase marker when they’ve completed it.  I keep a paper calendar planner as well, so I have a record.  What they like best is the ability to know what they have scheduled – since some work is independent and some requires us working together (history, science & spelling).  They can better allocate their time and not overlook anything.  Before calling it a day, we go down my planner and I check their work. (This is key, since **some** children have been known to **accidentally** mark off items that haven’t **quite** been completed).


2 responses to “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I love this idea ~ as a childminder I do a similar thing for the children I care for!! I may use your idea ~ a white board is great.
    love and hugs XXXXXX

  2. I have always admired your organization. And I love that your school is back in session. I feel like a pupil in your class!!! 🙂

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