Thank Ya Jesus! x6

I often say this phrase aloud – when I see a rainbow or when something happens to answer one of my quiet pleas for some insignificant need.

I’ll be in a hurry and need an up-close parking place when WA-LA – one on the front row opens up.   Just little things that really don’t matter in the big picture – but seem to materialize during my ongoing mental chatter.

Because I know He hears my every word and I want my kids to verbalize their thanks, I’ve learned to say it out loud. I happly say “Thank You” – I sing-song “Thank Ya Jesus”.  I think He smiles on us often.

Lexi has prayed for some girlfriends.  We seem to find lots of activities with boys and lots of older or younger kids – but not a lot has materialized with her particular age/interest group.  Then this:

One is missing from this picture, but in our Friday group there are SIX young ladies, all with birthdays within a month of Lexi’s.  SIX!  Do you see that smile?  Thank Ya Jesus!!!


One response to “Thank Ya Jesus! x6

  1. Aw, that’s great!! 🙂

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