2008 Oklahoma Fair

Lexi and I went to the fair yesterday – spending a couple of precious hours goofing off before it got crazy busy.  Chris, Lori and Kelsey came after work and a friend Sherri and her daughters joined us for the evening.  We ate some of everything and rode the rides until we were silly.

My favorite fair food is roasted corn.  Later I pigged out on spiral sliced fried potatoes.  Plus I ate off everyone else’s plate.

Lexi and I shared a warm cinnamon roll.

She had pizza and a slushee for dinner.  ??  Who eats pizza at the fair?  I tried to talk her into fried cheese on a stick or funnel cake!   Here’s the view from atop one of the ferris wheels.

Here we are sitting still, holding the camera with one hand.   Lexi looks a little tense.

And here we are, mid-ride.  Lexi was gritting her teeth smiling,  “MOMMMMMM, PUT THE CAMERA UP!”  I think we were going backwards.

This is Lexi’s very first roller coaster ride.  She actually went on to ride several more times, but they were not quite as memorable as this.  Have you ever tried to snap a picture while being slung at 100 miles per hour while your little girl is coming unhinged?  ……bad mommy….

We stayed 8 hours and by the time we found the car we were taking off our shoes and glad we didn’t have the funnel cake after all.


4 responses to “2008 Oklahoma Fair

  1. I love going to the fair ~ and you look like you had so much fun ~ what a great day!!
    love and hugs XXXX

  2. I love going to the fair. The atmosphere, the food, the rides and the food. Did I mention the food

  3. Lexi looks scared in the last picture. I’m glad you guys had fun. I miss the fair food lol

  4. Valerie Boudreaux

    That last picture was priceless…I have my girls in the next room wondering what I’m laughing at in here all by myself. I LOVE it.

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