Slumber Party with Kelsey

Kelsey spent the night with us last night.  Lexi had a friend over for a while and despite an 8 year age difference, the three of them played together.   Kelsey has to take two steps to their one, but she hangs right in there.   One of her favorite things is writing.  Nana prefers chalk to permanent marker, so we’re working on what is readily available to the little scribbler.   She has to stand on a small chair to reach the chalk board and that seems to satisfy her adventurous streak.

She helped Papa cook on the grill and finally crawled in my lap and crashed.    Although Kelsey has a new bed at her house and says “Bed?  I LUB it!”, she does not lub it enough to actually sleep in it.  Which is fine with me, because co-sleeping is one of my favorite pasttimes in the whole world.   But not with Lexi and Nicholas, who are bed hogs with spikes of elbows, hair and toenails.


3 responses to “Slumber Party with Kelsey

  1. She is such a little sweetie ~ the children that I look after all love the chalk board and chalks!!
    love and hugs XXXXX

  2. She is getting so big just think she will be 2 in a few mos.

  3. Do Lexi and Nicholas still crawl into bed? Laken hasn’t in years. I miss her.

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