Don’t judge a book….

I’ve not been fully honest, have not given ALL the information and am totally deceitful.

If you look up FIBBER in the dictionary =

It was a premeditated ommision. Fully planned.  Here’s what happened, accidentally, on purpose:

I got out the Deceptively Delicious Cookbook. Remember when I made spinach brownies?   That cookbook. Hid some chick peas in chocolate chip cookies?  Yepper doodles.

Then, I got out a package of lima beans, my little grinder thing and my brand new jar of Nutella.

Nicholas, my bottomless PIT,  is very vigilant in the kitchen. “What are you making now, mom?”
Me “Oh, I’m just seeing what ingredients I have on hand”.
He said “Why are you looking in THAT cookbook?”
“It has some great recipes son, now scoot!” I replied.

I didn’t make anything, but I placed my pristine, unlicked out of jar of Nutella on the shelf beside the lima beans, pinto beans and navy beans.    It was not stuck to the same shelf as the peanut butter, the pancake syrup or the Hershey’s chocolate with a nozzle.   Knowing my son would scour the cabinets one-half hour after devouring lunch, I was ready when he came to me.  With MY jar.  of Nutella.  In his grubby paws.

“Mom, is this what I think it is?” he smugly asked.

“What do you think it is, honey?”  (you have to add the sweetness if you really, really want to deceive them).

I was holding my breath as he read the ingredient label.  He shook his head and returned the jar to the shelf.  “I am so not eating that.  It is really beans, isn’t it?  Lexi, mom has hidden beans in that jar, do NOT eat that stuff”.

Do NOT eat that stuff…is right.


3 responses to “Don’t judge a book….

  1. OHHHHH…you are GOOD!!!! I love it!!!

  2. You are very deviant! That is really great…good reason to go out and get that book.

  3. I guess next time we come to your house we are bring our own food,lol BUT GOOD TRICK

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