Lost in Space

On Friday our homeschool group visited the Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma.  I was expecting a roadside attraction with some homegrown “celebrity” souvenirs.   Oh My Gosh, was I wrong!!

We started our tour watching a video about General Thomas P. Stafford’s childhood, education and passion about flying.

Our volunteer tour guide walked us through everything from Wilbur & Orville Wright’s early flight experiences – complete with replica flying machines….

to fighter jets, bombs, rockets, missiles, planes.  Several BUILDINGS of aircraft and artifacts.

Weatherford is the birthplace of General Stafford and he has donated his collection of space memorabilia – including his suit that was actually worn in space.

This is not it.

This is it.

The kids were interested in knowing how astronauts go to the bathroom, of course.

Now they have DETAILS.  If you want to know, plan your visit!  This was an awesome field trip.  Be sure to click on the rest of our pictures as well as the link at the top to the museum site.  It is a blessing to have this type of history right in our own backyard.

More pictures are HERE: Field Trip Space Museum


One response to “Lost in Space

  1. Awesome pics and what a terrific place to visit. Thanks for a doable vacation thought.

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