School Thus Far

Great routine, our curriculum choices are working well, our mornings are full and our afternoons are quiet.  We’ve managed to consolidate our busy work to a 4 day schedule, leaving Fridays to go on field trips or participate in group activities.  In addition to our Friday fun, we go to Sunday school, church, youth, Awanas, scouts, softball, karate, piano, guitar, library, and still manage to play outside every afternoon at least 4 hours.

During our HISstory study, the kids do an art project.  Lexi chose to replicate Noah’s Ark.  She is still working on her animals and Mrs. Noah.

Nicholas did a series of pencil sketches featuring The Garden of Eden.

God created the Heavens – and so did we!


3 responses to “School Thus Far

  1. I LOVE what you have done!!! Great job.



  2. I really love home schooling ~ there is not so much of it here in the UK ~ I would love to do it.
    The things that you do always look such fun ~ and I love the fact you visit such great places on your field trips,
    love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

  3. Very crafty kids…..I love the little clay Noah’s Ark……

    Yes, I know about etsy all too well…..a great chunk of my money has gone to the vendors…tee heee. There are just soooooo many clipboards on there that I didn’t feel that I could compete w/ it. I still haven’t sold the little bugger, but that is ok because I can still use it for gift.

    My mom was going to the game today, but the surgery sort of threw a kink in that plan…..they had to give away their tickets.

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