Eye of Newt

This year, Lexi wanted to be a witch for Halloween.   She described the look she wanted and I cut and stitched a skirt and lace up corset.  This is our creation.

I think we may add some feathers to the inside brim of her hat.  Our cats will love that.

You can barely tell by the pictures, but her skirt has a glittery spider web that matches the design on her stockings.


3 responses to “Eye of Newt

  1. She is so cute as a witch, What is Nick going to be,

  2. Oh, that is as cute…ur, uh…as wicked as can be!!! Just get a feather boa for the hat…oh, and one to wrap around a broom…yeah, that’s the ticket.

  3. She looks wonderful ~ you are so talented making that outfit ~ I wish that I could do that!!
    My daughter wants to be a witch (again) this year and my son is planning on being a skeleton!
    We have a big party planned for 31st ~ should be fun.
    love and hugs XXXXX

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