Hand-Me-Down Christmas

Being on a budget, I’ve been concerned about buying for Christmas this year.   We’ve scaled back some in years past, but I don’t remember a year we haven’t incurred debt for gifts.   This year, I plan to be more creative and crafty to keep within our limits.  Having grandkids is a huge temptation to just go hog-wild.  Nana and Papa simply must deliver!

Kaci made a simple suggestion that she’d like Braden to have some boy dress-up stuff  – so I embellished the idea and think it might be the best gift idea yet.   I am putting together a dress-up trunk apiece for Kali, Braden and Kelsey.  I plan to scavenge my attic, the thrift stores, garage sales and Free-Cycle, especially right after Halloween!  I am looking for well-made real clothes, individual pieces, not flimsy nylon mass produced costumes.   Also in use is my sewing machine!  Here are some of the ideas I’ve started with:

  • Nana made apron and pot holders (I found Braden a chef hat)
  • Nurse / Doctor Scrubs
  • Cowgirl/boy – vest, hat and possibly boots
  • Pioneers
  • Clown
  • Queen / King
  • For the girls:  princess, cheerleader, tutu and scarves, prom Dresses & high heels
  • For Braden:  football player, army guy, construction worker, fireman, policeman, daddy ties & capes

I plan to tailor some big people clothes to better fit and to easily take on and off.  The accessories are important – lots of beads, scarves, sun glasses, and hats.

Put on your thinking cap – send me your ideas!  Help me think of some more.  I’ll take pictures when I have it all together.


3 responses to “Hand-Me-Down Christmas

  1. These are excellent ideas! It is hard to think of additions.

    The nurse/doctor outfits will need official nametags, which you could make on the computer.

    We are always in search of a tiny notebook to take restaurant orders. Put an extra pocket on the chef apron and slip one of those in it.

    In addition to sunglasses, pop the lenses out of old prescription glasses…or just pop the lenses out of some sensible sunglasses for some “brainy glasses.”

    An old tablecloth would be good to throw in. It could be a sari, cape, skirt, or prop.


  2. What a fantastic idea ~ I love it!!
    I know what you mean about cutting back on presents ~ we will be doing the same here this year!
    love and hugs XXXX

  3. I think I might still have a lab coat……even a men’s white shirt can be made into a Dr.’s jacket. Have Dr. Lankford put on it……you know, embroidered.

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