It’s Halloween Baby!


5 responses to “It’s Halloween Baby!

  1. Oh thanks for the ideas! It’s supposed to be cold here that night, so I’ll have to improvise with the bare belly!

    Thanks, too, for posting on my blog. I had “lost” yours for a while. It’s good to “see” you again. Off to add you to my blogline reader now… =)

  2. That is so great ~ I love that idea ~ I have never seen that before ~ so sweet!
    love and hugs XXX

  3. Hi there, just thought that I would pop over and let you know that Hundreds and Thousands are small decorative sprinkle balls that are used to decorate cakes etc. There are a picture of the Witches Hats on my blog post dated 28th Oct ~ and you can see what they look like there ~ if you can’t get hundreds and thousands ~ then you could decorate them with any other cake sprinkles.
    Hope you decide to give them a go!
    love and hugs, Tabitha XXXX

  4. That is so cool! People think of the coolest things to do with their baby bellies any more. Back in my day 30 years ago, I never would have thought of any cool thing like that. 😀

  5. OMG! I am soooo laughing about Kaci’s picture….it doesn’t even look like her. It doesn’t even really look like Braden either….ba haaaaa

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