Taste of Surrey

This week, the ladies in my Bible study host a dinner at our church.  We’ve just contributed our favorite recipes in a newly published cookbook and we’ll be preparing some of those recipes at this potluck.  In addition, we each decorate one of the tables.  I’ve never participated before, so I’m not sure if what I’ve put together is what they “do”….but it’s what I’m going with.

A couple of weeks ago Kaci and I went to an estate sale and I bought this cool wrought iron birdcage type container in the shape of a tea pot.  I fell in love and decided it would not only fit beautifully in my house, but I’d use it for my “Taste of Surrey” centerpiece.

I cut apart a Christmas garland and covered the styrofoam base.  I had decided on using browns and golds, so Lexi and I walked around our neighborhood and picked up pine cones and acorns.

I stuck a big pine cone in the middle and then added smaller ones, some of the evergreen garland sprigs and threaded some rice-size lights (battery operated) through for a little twinkle.   There is a gold snowflake on the ribbon I chose, so I hung a little gold ornament inside the lid.  For the candle holders, I bent a piece of evergreen in half and wired on the little gold balls to have a holly look.   I am using my plain ivory dishes to serve, so I complimented them with ivory colored candles.  I am going to respray my candle holders so they will be the same darkness of the teapot.

I am serving small sized cinnamon rolls – served on the plate tower, my kielbasa/potato main dish and a side of banana pudding (recipe will be posted tomorrow!).   There will be other dishes on the table, so it shouldn’t appear to shout “get your carbs HERE”.

Isn’t this just the cutest thing?


3 responses to “Taste of Surrey

  1. This is lovely. You are very artistic!

  2. I love to tea pot you will be able to use that for all kinds of differant holidays and parties.

  3. That looks great ~ you are very creative ~ I wish I had your talent!!
    love and hugs XXXX

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