Today I woke up:


I don’t know what causes it, I imagine it has to do with a patch I am supposed to change on Wednesday and Sunday still being in place on Friday.  My son claims I have “The Alt Himers”.  He’s funny like that.

grouchy2So today I’m going to change the darn patch, go to homeschool group, come home and finish reading “The Other Boleyn Girl” and start my new Jodi Picoult book in honor of my dear friend Linny’s birthday.   She gave me the book, I read it on her birthday, how’s that for a cool gift?   Linny and I have history.  We went on a wild, drunken drive one night – and we weren’t even drinking.


What am I grouchy about?  In addition to the burden of reading chores, my house needs to be dusted, I’m 2 years behind in scrap booking, I need to sew, lesson plans await,  my top oven quit working yesterday, I need to have my roots done, my grocery list is blank, my husband is going out of town, my camera batteries are dead, and the mainstream news annoys me to no end.

I partially attribute my disposition to the media, “anonymous” campaign workers and disloyal Republicans who blame Sarah Palin for the failure of their politics.  I’ve laughingly called BS on the “Democraps”, but John McCain’s staffers take the whole cow patty.   Mr. McCain – you need to get wrapped around this like stink on….bullshit

As an outspoken, aggressive woman who managed for 20 years in a male-dominated industry, I should not be surprised.   America may have a “browner” President (my daughter insists there are only shades of brown people) and the glass ceiling may be cracked, but it’s THERE.  And the injustice is just WRONG.

I admire Sarah Palin.  She is a Christian, a charismatic leader, a smart woman, a loving wife and mother.   She delivers a speech, changes a diaper and worries what her kids will wear on national television.  Imagine that!

I pray great things for her, peace above all.  She is a lovely woman with grace and class.

For the media who choose to tear down instead of help rebuild:



2 responses to “Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum

  1. LOL! Wipe your mouth… Ouch! But how true.

    A few weeks ago, I signed one of those email “petitions” to boycott the main 4 news channels until the election. I did so – with slight difficulty the first couple of days – and now I like it so much, I think I will continue indefinitely.


  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for making me smile while I rant!

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