My Extra Hour

Sometimes prayers are answered in the most unusual ways.  I have a pretty standard routine for my day.  We try to finish school and housework, have dinner started and the kids go out to play while I catch up on some paperwork with a couple of afternoon television shows playing in the background.   This morning, in my frustrated haste to get everything underway, I asked God for just a little bit of time to get caught up.

Today, during the Barack Obama Infomercial (formerly known as Oprah) I realized this was the extra hour I needed to get some things marked off my list.   Television off and :38 minutes into the hour, I’ve bathed the dog and little kitty, started a load of laundry, scrubbed my kitchen sink, organized some craft supplies, started a fire in my fireplace, cleaned a toilet and made this notation.

I can accept the joy the election holds for some, but this level of hero-worship  borders on idolatry to me.


5 responses to “My Extra Hour

  1. ICAM, Kim. I’ve heard people calling him “the chosen one” and the like…and it turns my stomach. I don’t get it.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting, Kim! Your blog is one that inspired me to start mine. You seem like a really fun person to know. Now, about my house…I didn’t say that it was ALWAYS clean – THAT would be a task in itself! 😉 Have a blessed evening.

  3. Kim,
    that was awesome, thank you for sharing that… and I love that infomercial comment… UGHHHH can’t stomache her at all.
    The Lord did stretch my day as well… I had it done just in time! I miss you… we are planning the cookie swap and boy… I am sad to think you won’t be here!

  4. You are so right! He’s not the stinkin’ messiah… HE’s already been here! 🙂

  5. Ah! After I clicked “submit”, I saw up at the top that you homeschool! Cool beans 🙂 I am a full-grown socially competent (!) former homeschooled kid myself 😛 currently homeschooling my own little people.

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