Mean Boy

Just this weekend, I shared with my son one of the things I love most about him is his passion.  When he loves something, he knows no boundaries.  His interests dominate his thoughts and dreams – and are threaded through everything he does.

He first exhibited this line-drive focus in preschool.  His Montessori teacher assured me he would move on to more complex work once he mastered his current skill level.   We noticed early on that he would count something as “learned” once he did it – and would not want to repeat it, ever.  With subjects like math, building blocks and coloring – his attitude was BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, over and out.     The work he liked – he would diligently complete and repeat.  Same routine, day after day.   He likes what he likes.

Skateboarding is something he loves.  When he’s not chained to the schoolroom by his mean mother, he’s jumping and turning, researching and learning, bleeding and band-aiding.  Really.  He saved his money and combined it with birthday cash to buy a new deck (that’s the board part) and reinforced skateboarding shoes.

Yesterday, one of the boys in his circle of friends deliberately broke his skateboard in half.   While Nicholas has some responsibility in the chain of events, there is no excuse for destroying someone’s property.   This was a tough, but valuable life lesson for my son – in friendship, forgiveness, respect and accountability.

He has to earn the money for a new skateboard.   His sponsor goals will have to be delayed.  His choice of interaction with this boy and his brothers will be tested.  He’s out in the garage building a back-up with his wheels and an old deck – so he can continue to practice.  He sees hope through his disappointment.


6 responses to “Mean Boy

  1. Oh dear ~ hope that he earns his new skateboard soon!!
    love and hugs Tabitha XXX

  2. I think he will need to get a job soon so he can pay for his shoes that he is wearing out, lol. GOOD JOB on that stunt,

  3. I guess they all go through this skateboarding stage! In our garage, we have a pipe that was put together for xtreme skating and boarding. We had wax all over the curbs. For a while I thought we were going to have the Xtreme Games right here at our house. Thanking God for good helmets and elbow and knee pads!!

  4. ishouldbedoinglaundry

    May I ask why the boy who broke it in half is not paying for it?

  5. He lives with his grandmother and she does not believe it was his fault. “G” deliberately broke his brother’s board a few weeks ago and as punishment had to give his to his brother. He then broke that board as well.

    Nicholas knew he was destructive and went off to play, leaving his board at “G’s” house. Nicholas does have an alternate board he can practice on – and will most likely get one for Christmas. In the meantime, I want him to realize the consequences of being responsible for his belongings.

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