Happy Valentines ??

If this month doesn’t slow down, I’m going to be addressing Valentines before I get all my Christmas cards done.

Crazy Kids

Crazy Kids

This weekend I shopped, CHEERED FOR THE SOONERS!!, ruined a batch of “Puppy Chow”, took Lexi to see the play “The Nutcracker”, went to dinner and now it is Monday.   I’m the organized,efficient one and my time is disappearing – so for those of you who fly by the seat of your pants – my brain freezes over thinking about it.

I am looking at making a major life change after the first of the year.  Necessity – but I feel a calming peace.  No details, but please pray for us.

Today I am sewing.   I am not even putting on my shoes today.  Call me or drop by with your ripper and a SF Mocha Latte – but I am focused on marking a few things OFF my list.



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  1. What cute little faces,

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