Our Christmas

This was a year of change.  For 51 years, I’ve celebrated Christmas in my mother’s home.   As our numbers increased, the stress became more than necessary.  For Christmas this year, my mom and family came to my house.  On Christmas eve,  all  the kids made gingerbread houses.

We cleaned up the mess and started laying out the food.  Instead of a meal, we decided on finger foods and had TOO MUCH!  We ate all afternoon, evening, half the night, the next day and had enough left to feed an army!  It was all good!

My entire family attended the candle light service at our church.  This is the first time we’ve done this and I was touched to the core.  To have all of us in God’s house to celebrate the birth of Jesus was overwhelming to me.   We took up two pews!

We returned to my house, all TWENTY-THREE of us to have a little fun with Dirty Santa and eat some more.  Ughhh!

We had a little entertainment from the bouncing off the walls set.

We were serenaded with a little “You Better Watch Out” and some Metallica.

Some storytelling by Des.

Some tall tales by my brother and nephew.

You might have noticed our 31 year old tradition of matching jammies.  This year the kids all got new booties and I made their boxers.


I got a big hug for my hard work!  (Plus some jammies and hot socks for myself!!)

We finally crashed – all the kids in my room.

Keith and I ended up with Kelsey.

About 5:30 we checked and Santa had left our goodies!

My sister.

My Mom.

grandsMy son got a lottery scratch off in his stocking and won $5,000.


Or so he thought….fake!

We had a wonderful time and it went by too quickly.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


3 responses to “Our Christmas

  1. I’m glad you had a good Christmas, the little houses that the girls made looked cute. I’m glad that all of you were able to be together and go to church I’m sure you had fun.

  2. wonderful pictures. love love love the boxers you made! you’re so darn crafty. glad you had a merry christmas.

  3. OMG!! The fur trim is to die for!!! You are amazing….and I want the antique stove….does it work?

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