Me & He

TheMom – believer, wife, momma, nana, daughter, sister and friend. The wearer of many aprons, I play house most of the time. I’m mom to 4 kids, Lori, Kaci, Nick and Lexi.  My hobbies include:

  • reading
  • scrap booking
  • cooking
  • sewing

2006Christmas 2006

Christmas 2007


Christmas 2008


The Dad – partner, breadwinner, stuff mover, and blessed with extraordinary patience, TheDad of our family is our hitching post. Must haves:

  • home cooking
  • daily working out
  • motorcycle time





2 responses to “Me & He

  1. Kim,

    I checked out your website. You have a lovely family. My wife is from China and I returned to the USA in 2005 after living for three years. I work for Chevron in Houston with foreign employees training here. You can see us in the “about” us section of our Chinese recruitment section. I am going to use your peanut brittle recipe to make for my wife on Christmas! I love it and know she will Chinese are peanut people), but hate to buy it because it’s always ridiculously expensive.

  2. Keith, DUDE…. quit holding out on me….. You have a motorcycle? We need to talk!

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