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Sew What?

This week, I’ve finished a few projects, and still have a few more that I plan to mark off my list this weekend!

I bought 3 of these little tubs at a yard sale and made this one into a centerpiece using pine cones from my neighbor’s yard.

This one is a gift, but for the moment looks right at home on my table.

I have 3 little trees flanking my fireplace, decorated with white lights.  In a magazine I received, a long, skinny Santa hat was used as a tree topper.  I used some extra flannel and a piece of sherpa to make my own.

I finally got the silhouettes framed for over my piano.  This is in our study/library.  All I did was take a profile picture shot, darken, print it on dark card-stock and cut it out.  I turned the actual photo part to the backside.  The “UpperCase Living” letters were custom made with the words I chose and I put them directly on the glass so I can change up the picture if/when I want to.

I finished and wrapped the aprons for my grandaughters.  Kelsey is just 2 and has asked Santa for her own kitchen.   In addition to her apron, she has a couple of pot holders, dish towels and wash cloths.  I can’t wait for her to bake me a cake!

Kali is much older, seven, so she’s sharing her Mom’s kitchen at this point.  Both aprons are reversable and are tagged “Handmade by Nana”.

Next I have to finish 7 pairs of matching boxer shorts and a couple of custom OU girlfan tops and I can put up the machines for 2008.


Our Advent Tree

A certain handsome, otherwise sensible male adult in our household who shall remain nameless, has used the above pictured hideous substance since he was a hormonal teenager.   My duty-driven 10 year old daughter, the official light helper, tree trimmer and recycle queen thought there had to be a way to reuse the plastic containers.


Our Advent Tree

A Bible verse is affixed inside each lid and a small treat tucked in each day.  We cut out circles and mod-podged them to each lid.  (After soaking out the wintergreen scent and pulling off the labels).  A hole was drilled in the bottom of each plastic bottom and we screwed them onto a piece of thin plywood.  We can reuse this year to year.

Baby Shower

My good friend Vanessa is going to be a Nana again!  Nate, Tamara and Chayton will welcome baby Carter in September.  For his baby shower, I made him a lovey size quilt and pillowcase.

Knowing how big brothers can feel a little left out, I made Chayton a matching pillowcase.

The quilt is flannel squares backed with chenille.  The seam edge is on the outside, creating a frayed edge.  You wash it several times to create the soft fringe.  Carter’s late great-grandpa Pat loved John Deere, so when I found his camo nursery theme with the small John Deere logo, it made his blanket a little extra special to me.

Mirror, Mirror

This week is “Spring Break” and the kids really looked forward to long lazy, sunny days to just kick back. Instead it is wet and dreary. Nicholas keeps busy with his skateboard, either riding it or unscrewing the wheels and banging on the things that hold the wheels – whatever it is that boys DO.

Lexi and I decided to revamp an old mirror that she has in her room. We’ve been planning to paint it, but yesterday took the plunge to really make it fun.

First we cleaned all the hairspray, stickers, old paint and built-up gunk off the glass and the frame.

Then we cut strips of coordinating scrapbook paper and applied with Mod Podge. We cut some of the edges with zig-zag or scalloped scissors.

Lexi picked some cute sayings to personalize it even more.

We also made it uniquely “hers”.

We hung it up to dry, but still need another coat or two to finish sealing it.

This is an older picture of her in her room.