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Sometimes I don’t seem to get anything marked off my list – but then, my list seems really unimportant at times.


Our Advent Tree

A certain handsome, otherwise sensible male adult in our household who shall remain nameless, has used the above pictured hideous substance since he was a hormonal teenager.   My duty-driven 10 year old daughter, the official light helper, tree trimmer and recycle queen thought there had to be a way to reuse the plastic containers.


Our Advent Tree

A Bible verse is affixed inside each lid and a small treat tucked in each day.  We cut out circles and mod-podged them to each lid.  (After soaking out the wintergreen scent and pulling off the labels).  A hole was drilled in the bottom of each plastic bottom and we screwed them onto a piece of thin plywood.  We can reuse this year to year.

A Tree in the Living Room

We put up our tree in small increments this year.  The installment plan.  The kids and I got the tree upright and waited on Keith to put on the lights.  Lexi is his official helper.

Lexi is the official decorator.

She had some help from Paul Bunyon.  Maybe 3 ornaments and a photo shot worth.

I’d say she did a pretty darn good job!  Thank you Lexi!

Our rotating Christmas tree.

Mean Boy

Just this weekend, I shared with my son one of the things I love most about him is his passion.  When he loves something, he knows no boundaries.  His interests dominate his thoughts and dreams – and are threaded through everything he does.

He first exhibited this line-drive focus in preschool.  His Montessori teacher assured me he would move on to more complex work once he mastered his current skill level.   We noticed early on that he would count something as “learned” once he did it – and would not want to repeat it, ever.  With subjects like math, building blocks and coloring – his attitude was BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, over and out.     The work he liked – he would diligently complete and repeat.  Same routine, day after day.   He likes what he likes.

Skateboarding is something he loves.  When he’s not chained to the schoolroom by his mean mother, he’s jumping and turning, researching and learning, bleeding and band-aiding.  Really.  He saved his money and combined it with birthday cash to buy a new deck (that’s the board part) and reinforced skateboarding shoes.

Yesterday, one of the boys in his circle of friends deliberately broke his skateboard in half.   While Nicholas has some responsibility in the chain of events, there is no excuse for destroying someone’s property.   This was a tough, but valuable life lesson for my son – in friendship, forgiveness, respect and accountability.

He has to earn the money for a new skateboard.   His sponsor goals will have to be delayed.  His choice of interaction with this boy and his brothers will be tested.  He’s out in the garage building a back-up with his wheels and an old deck – so he can continue to practice.  He sees hope through his disappointment.

Kali’s Journal

My precious granddaughter Kali is 7 years old and a soon-to-be blogger.  She used her new mad mod podge skills to decorate the cover of her Bible verse book.

You can see she does a good job of “keepin’ it real” – the symmetrical balance, color coordination and choice of verse are superb!

Notice the detail in her artwork.  …and remind Nana to buy her a beige crayon.

She journals about things she loves flowers, butterflies and ladybugs.

She does portrait work, although her dad is actually bigger than her mom and I haven’t seen him wearing invisible yellow shorts in a while – but you know how dads dress sometimes!

She does special pages for people she loves.  Specifically her Nana.

She sends her Nana special Valentines.  Although she was a Chicken Little (Kevin Covais) fan, she smiled for pictures with Ace Young.   She has drawn me several pictures for my keepsake album of that fun time.

Miss Kali – I am not the artist you are, but here is my journal entry for today.

It’s Halloween Baby!

Eye of Newt

This year, Lexi wanted to be a witch for Halloween.   She described the look she wanted and I cut and stitched a skirt and lace up corset.  This is our creation.

I think we may add some feathers to the inside brim of her hat.  Our cats will love that.

You can barely tell by the pictures, but her skirt has a glittery spider web that matches the design on her stockings.