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Our Christmas

This was a year of change.  For 51 years, I’ve celebrated Christmas in my mother’s home.   As our numbers increased, the stress became more than necessary.  For Christmas this year, my mom and family came to my house.  On Christmas eve,  all  the kids made gingerbread houses.

We cleaned up the mess and started laying out the food.  Instead of a meal, we decided on finger foods and had TOO MUCH!  We ate all afternoon, evening, half the night, the next day and had enough left to feed an army!  It was all good!

My entire family attended the candle light service at our church.  This is the first time we’ve done this and I was touched to the core.  To have all of us in God’s house to celebrate the birth of Jesus was overwhelming to me.   We took up two pews!

We returned to my house, all TWENTY-THREE of us to have a little fun with Dirty Santa and eat some more.  Ughhh!

We had a little entertainment from the bouncing off the walls set.

We were serenaded with a little “You Better Watch Out” and some Metallica.

Some storytelling by Des.

Some tall tales by my brother and nephew.

You might have noticed our 31 year old tradition of matching jammies.  This year the kids all got new booties and I made their boxers.


I got a big hug for my hard work!  (Plus some jammies and hot socks for myself!!)

We finally crashed – all the kids in my room.

Keith and I ended up with Kelsey.

About 5:30 we checked and Santa had left our goodies!

My sister.

My Mom.

grandsMy son got a lottery scratch off in his stocking and won $5,000.


Or so he thought….fake!

We had a wonderful time and it went by too quickly.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Mama Drama

I’m mom to three girls – and while there is occasional drama, we’ve managed to work through the growing up issues pretty smoothly (so far, anyway).  My oldest was always quiet and thoughtful and she’s grown into a confident, caring young woman with definite opinions.  My middle daughter was the busy bee – and she’s like a butterfly, putting her sweet, but definite imprint on the priorities in her life.  My youngest is a mixture of all of us – she’s a little shy, but very loving and totally ornery.     The parenting skills I developed while raising the girls include:

  1. the evil mommy look – and they respond:

I’m blessed with one son.   He’s a free spirit, has never met a stranger and loves what he loves with passion.   Little children adore him, he has the patience and kindness to get right down on their level for as long as they want.   Big guys like him.  He has a charisma that attracts the female crowd – I remember him at age 4 skating around the rink with 10 year old girls on each arm.     The evil eye does not work with my son – nor apparently with the young women who call at all hours.  (Where are their moms?)

Anyway, I’ve found I need some other parenting technique, as  he will wink back, smile and proceed to do some daredevil stunt that makes my heart stop.    My husband is little help – he shares some of the things he did with his 2 brothers.   Bless his mom’s heart!

That said, “Boys will be boys” doesn’t always work at our house.  Last week was one of those times when he made a particularly bad choice.  Initially I was stunned, then I was mad and I’ll admit I did not know what to do.  I found out quickly that yelling at him was having no effect.   I then did what any responsible mother would do.  I took him to get a tetanus shot.  And I lectured him some more.  And some more.

My sister-in-law had mentioned buying the book “Life Strategies for Teens” by Jay McGraw (son of  How’s-That-Working-For-Ya? Dr. Phil).   I got it out and assigned it  as homework to my wayward little man-child.  I’m reading a chapter at night, then he reads it the next day and we talk about it.  The book is based on the 10 “Life Laws” that Dr. Phil has written about – but it is translated into a teen’s perspective.  My son isn’t quite a teen, but we’re getting a head start.

We’ve finished the intro and Nicholas actually made a list in his journal of the life laws.  He was particularly intrigued by the first one “Either You Get It – Or You Don’t”, and he thinks it specifically applies to me.  It will be his reading assignment today and I’m anxious to hear his take on it afterward.

Anyway, here is my list of parenting techniques for boys:

  1. yelling
  2. grounding (although restricting activity does have merit)
  3. tears
  4. redirection (worked until age 3)
  5. evil eye
  6. sitting on him

I’m totally open to suggestion.


Sometimes I don’t seem to get anything marked off my list – but then, my list seems really unimportant at times.

Happy Valentines ??

If this month doesn’t slow down, I’m going to be addressing Valentines before I get all my Christmas cards done.

Crazy Kids

Crazy Kids

This weekend I shopped, CHEERED FOR THE SOONERS!!, ruined a batch of “Puppy Chow”, took Lexi to see the play “The Nutcracker”, went to dinner and now it is Monday.   I’m the organized,efficient one and my time is disappearing – so for those of you who fly by the seat of your pants – my brain freezes over thinking about it.

I am looking at making a major life change after the first of the year.  Necessity – but I feel a calming peace.  No details, but please pray for us.

Today I am sewing.   I am not even putting on my shoes today.  Call me or drop by with your ripper and a SF Mocha Latte – but I am focused on marking a few things OFF my list.


Chex Mix

I make several batches of this to munch on as well as give away.  Yesterday, I found Chex cereal for $1.59 at our local Buy For Less.  On the wheat Chex box was a peelable coupon for buy 3/ $3.00 off.   Add seasoning, mixed nuts and pretzels – and you have a delicious, economical holiday treat!

Lori reminded me about making Puppy Chow.  <–click for recipe

Savings can be applied to elastic waist fat pants purchase.  🙂

Giving Thanks