My Kids

My older daughters, Kaci and Lori

TheOldest – Lori’s over 30, married to Chris and mom to Kelsey. Their family lives on an acreage just north of Oklahoma City. Lori’s an RN.

TheMiddle – Kaci isn’t quite 30, married to Brad and mom to Kali and Braden.  Kaci is a Realtor and homeschools the kids. Brad works in Tulsa and they live on Lake Ft Gibson in eastern Oklahoma.

TheSon – Nicholas is 11 and in 6th grade. His joys include skateboarding, playing guitar, basketball and drawing. Skateboarding is his current passion.

TheYoungest – Lexi is 10. She plays softball, basketball and piano. High School Musical and Hairspray have gotten her attention lately. She loves American Girl, dolls and books and anything she can create.


Kali and Braden



5 responses to “My Kids

  1. Beautiful family!

  2. Yall sure are cute! (my redneck moment of the day)

  3. Hi, Lexi:

    I love your pictures. I had lots of fun last Friday at the Little Gym with you. Hopefully, we can play again soon.


  4. They are truly beautiful!

    Mind if I ask you how old you were when you had your last child?

    We have 5 and I am turning 39 we are trying for #6… I’d like some feedback about being “an older mom”

  5. Awwwww, Kelsey is so cute. And Lexi, that is so cool, I love American Girl dolls too!I have 5.I am 11 and I love playing with them.

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